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Our hemp is grown locally here on the family farm in the same location that it is cured, processed, packaged and labeled for sale. We keep it all in one place to make the best CBD cream we can! 

About our products

The Appalachian Hills XI and Appalachian AW

All our products are made as natural as possible with the safest ingredients

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The Appalachian Hills XI and Appalachian AW

The Appalachian Hills XI is our strongest Hemp Cream we make.  We use a combination of anti-inflammatory ingredients to make the strongest cream we can.  Each ingredient has a purpose and is great for your skin, muscles and joints.  It is made to spread easily and absorb in the skin quickly using only natural ingredients.  It works great on anything that hurts or itches.  The only side effect we have found is it can get on clothing.  We love feed back so please let us know what you've used the Appalachian Hills XI on! 

The Appalachian AW is very good for your skin.  It is not as strong as the Appalachian Hills XI but it will work better on sensitive areas.  It wont burn on anything open.  It works more so for rashes and anything on your face.  It can be viewed as more of a beauty cream, but it can still be used a good Hemp Cream.  Use it reduce your wrinkles or use it on your psoriasis if you need a more gentle product.  Remember that the AW stands for Any Where.  Please let us know what you've used it for!

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We believe that God provided us with plants for many purposes, in particular, maintaining good health and alleviating a multitude of both physical and mental ailments.